Soft Wash Treatment

We specialise in soft wash treatment that uses environmental friendly organic bio chemical treatment to remove moss, Lichen, green and red Algae. Our exterior cleaning techniques are effective on almost all exterior surfaces removing red and green algae, moss and lichen from roofs, driveways, patios, outdoor sports areas, render finished walls, pebble dash walls, decking and much more.

What makes Power Clean better than all of the other companies is that we take a three stage approach to ensure excellent results for our customers. The first stage is to clean all surfaces prior to treatments including removing moss from roofs and cleaning out all gutters. Then we proceed with our soft wash treatment killing any roots remaining on your roof. The final stage, if necessary, involves spraying external walls including pebble dash to kill and remove red and green algae, black spot or stain removal.

At Power Clean, we have a range of cherry pickers that allows us to clean at heights. This means that we do not access the roof on foot thus preventing any potential damage to the roof.

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